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OG Kratom Sodas


Bloom now offers OG Kratom Soda in four delicious flavours through our website and several partner store locations.

OG Kratom Sodas are the go-to Kratom drink for savvy Bangkok types. It’s delicious, makes you feel energetic and uses high-quality kratom sourced in Pathum Thani province.

Bottle size: 330ml

If you live in Thailand, Indonesia, or even US, you may have heard something about kratom. Bloom has just started stocking OG Kratom Soda in our drinks section… but what is it?

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a legal, psychoactive leaf, used typically by Thais working in farming, construction, and other more labor-intensive employment. It gives its users energy, a bit like coffee, but also a strong sense of well-being and sometimes even euphoria.

Recently, it’s gained popularity all across Thailand since it became legal. For decades it has been chewed in the mouth or made into potent teas. Kratom has gained a reputation as a substance for the working classes, or ‘lo-so’ by more affluent members of Thai society.

However, the image of kratom is changing, as people are recognizing its positive effects and using it as an alternative to alcohol or more harmful substances.

Crafted in four unique flavours, each with different potency.

  • Original – The strongest formula of OG Kratom Soda, made with local longan honey and Thai fresh limes. Strength rating = 4
  • Fresh – The best tasting of the range, made with longan honey fresh lime and a kratom level below the original formula. Strength rating = 3
  • Kola – OG Kratom’s original cola recipe is for fans of the popular sodas, with a bit of a kratom kick. Strength rating = 2.
  • Cherry Cola – The lightest entry-level OG Kratom Soda with a sweet and tart cherry taste. Strength rating = 1.

OG Kratom Soda has an OTOP FDA certificate and can be legally consumed in the Kingdom.

How will Kratom affect me?

Firstly, you will feel mental and physical energy. It’s great to take while working on your PC and some users even use it to help with their workouts. Taking a higher dose can create feelings of euphoria, and warm body flushes. Taking even more will create a sense of slowness, dissociation, and pain relief. The next stage is nausea. Unlike alcohol, your body will tell you it has had enough after 2 to 4 serves of OG Kratom Soda.

OG Kratom Soda is a great alternative to alcohol. It sometimes feels like you’re more empathetic; don’t be surprised if you ask others a lot of questions and genuinely care for their answers. You can drink a few bottles, feel great with your friends and not suffer a hangover the next day (unless you consume a lot, in which case you may feel lethargic).

There are several health benefits of the kratom plant also including lowering blood pressure and reducing anxiety. It can also provide relief if you are feeling sick. We suggest searching online to discover more of its uses.

Kratom is generally safe to mix with other substances, including THC, CBD and alcohol. But be safe with any sort of mind-altering experimentation.

Can I sleep after drinking Kratom soda?

The effects of kratom can last a long time, however, it’s not like coffee. You can drink it in the evening and sleep but it’s not recommended to drink late, we suggest stopping at least 2 to 3 hours before bed. Some users experience sleeplessness for hours, some more experienced users report mild interruptions to their sleep. You may find your body asleep and your mind still racing around.


The product should only be consumed by adults, ages 20+.

Kratom has been used to help cure opioid addiction in Thailand, an alternative to other more potent drugs. However, the substance is not totally safe.

Eating on an empty stomach, or drinking too much, can cause nausea and vomiting. Some users take it every day and can become addicted. Stopping kratom after months can result in a few days of feeling cranky and anxious. Some heavy, long-term users may also suffer more serious withdrawal. It’s recommended not to drink it every day, because addiction to anything isn’t good.

Please check with your doctor if you have heart or liver issues. It would be wise to avoid it if you are pregnant.

It’s best you do your research and approach with caution, but for occasional uses at safe dosages it’s a safe substance for a majority of people.


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