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Topical Terpenes Northern Night


If you are looking for a wholesome addition to your food or beauty routine, Topical Terpenes Northern Nights is a great choice for you!

  • No CBD or THC: pure terpenes
  • Fully legal & approved by the Thai FDA
  • Made in Thailand by Topical Terpenes
  • Certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Available in two sizes: 5 ml (concentrate) and 10 ml (diluted version, ready to use)

Product info Topical Terpenes Northern Night

Enjoy the earthy, herbal scent of myrcene – the most common terpene in the classic Indica cannabis strain Northern Lights.

Cannabis Terpenes are substances naturally found in plants. Thanks to them, cannabis gets its smell and taste. They are, however, not limited to cannabis – you will find them in many other plants. Myrcene, for instance, is also present in hops, mango and lemongrass. It has a sedating and relaxing effect on your mood. It also shows antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties when applied to your skin.

Avail of all these benefits with Topical Terpenes Northern Night solution. You can use it in cooking or add it to your health and beauty products. Keep in mind that the terpenes are oil soluble and will therefore work optimally if mixed with a base oil.

This product has a Natural Identical Flavour and Fragrance, manufactured by synthesis or via chemical processes. The composition of these terpenes is exactly the same as found in their natural equivalents. By law, such products cannot have any artificial additives.


You can adjust your dose based on the product concentration best suited to your needs. We recommend preparing a 2-5% strong solution. For instance, in order to achieve a 3% concentration, you need to mix approx 1.5 ml of the terpene concentrate with 50 ml of a carrier/ base oil.

The diluted version is ready to use without prior preparation.


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