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Treekings Caramel Cannabis Cornflakes


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Rise and shine, it’s time for breakfast consisting of Treekings Cannabis Cornflakes!

Delicious cannabis cornflakes containing 0.2%THC and CBD will start your day in a relaxed mood. 100grams. 

Product Info Treekings Caramel Cannabis Cornflakes

Looking for new ways to enhance your breakfasts? Then, Treekings Caramel Cannabis Cornflakes is a perfect addition to your morning routine.

This blend of crispy cornflakes, cashew nuts and raisins is deliciously mixed with Treekings’ special caramel cannabis sauce.

Not only will it satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, but it will also make you happy and relaxed, thanks to its “broad spectrum” cannabis content. There is no other breakfast option that would be more fun and it contains THC, CBD, CBN and CBG (all up to 0.2%).

Remember to eat this CBD edible in moderation, as the THC can make you slightly high.

Due to the THC content, this product is not recommended for children or pregnant women. However, the concentration conforms to Thai law and is fully legal.

Store in a dark place and eat within 15 days of opening.


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