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Treekings Caramel Cannnabis Popcorn


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An easy way to get the benefits of cannabis wherever you are! Treekings Caramel Cannabis Popcorn is a sweet popcorn snack that you can enjoy throughout the day.

Contains 150 grams.

Product info Treekings Caramel Cannabis Popcorn

Wondering what snacks to serve your friends when they come over for a visit? Or maybe you are looking for a feel-good quick bite while you are out in town? Then try out Treekings Caramel Cannabis Popcorn.

Sweet and crunchy, covered in a layer of caramel cannabis sauce: here comes the perfect munch! It is going to become your next guilty pleasure for sure.

The popcorns are a fun way to enjoy all the goodness that cannabis edibles has to offer. It contains a “broad spectrum” of cannabinoids, namely THC, CBD, CBN and CBG (up to 0.2% concentration). Thanks to this, the popcorn will make you feel happy and relaxed.

The low concentration of THC conforms to Thai law, making this product 100% legal. However, enjoy responsibly. Due to the THC present in the product, you may get slightly high if you consume a large amount in one sitting.

  • Popcorn flavoured with a cannabis-caramel sauce
  • An easy snack on the go
  • Broad-spectrum cannabis product with 0.2% THC and 0.2% CBD

This snack is not suitable for children or pregnant women.


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