Apple Blossom – Hybrid – Uplifted and energized

  • Exotic and sweet floral smelling strain, Apple Blossom from Humboldt seeds is supplied by the illustrious Sukhumweed Industries
  • These dense trichome encrusted nugs have a green and purple haze
  • Delicious, terpene rich, scent of floral and apples
  • Relaxed body feel, uplifted and euphoria.

Comes in sealed 1g packages

฿700.00฿2,450.00 Inc VAT

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This product is for medical use only and only as stated by Thai Cannabis law

Apple Blossom - Hybrid - Uplifted and energized


Please use responsibly and safely:

  • Do not use in public, only in your private home without disturbing the public.
  • Do not use and then drive or operate heavy machinery, your license and be cancelled.
  • Do not allow access to individuals under the age of 20.
  • Do not mix cannabis and other substances such as tobacco or alcohol.


This flower is supplied by:

Apple Blossom - Hybrid - Uplifted and energized

Sukhumweed Industries is a licensed Cannabis farm from Thailand which leads the way in organic, regenerative and community integrated Cannabis farming.
Founded by long term Cannabis advocate Soranut Masayavanich, Sukhumweed Industries focuses on rejuvenating natural soil and nutrients, growing Cannabis free of any pesticides or other chemicals.
Since 2021 Sukhumweed Industries operates three farms in close collaboration with small local communities to promote an eco friendly and sustainable Cannabis culture in Thailand.

Soranut has traveled the world to find the finest cannabis landrace strain. In 2019 he accepted the title of Vice Chairman of the Committee on Policy Monitoring of the Thai government. We are proud of partnering with Sukhumweed Industries in not only providing absolutely premium quality Cannabis but also promoting farming sustainability in Thailand.


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