We have been in this industry from the beginning and understands the market. We understand customers needs and are passionate about the potential of cannabis to improve people’s lives.

Connect with us, and we help to fill the gaps in your supply line. Bloom being a B2C & B2B marketplace, we know the trends of the market swings and responds to them with great products which really works.

Knowing what really works is also information we share with you; Bloom offers advising on which products which will make your business grow.



CBD, aka cannabidiol, was the first cannabis compound to become legal in Thailand. The wholesale CBD hemp business is a profitable investment as it delivers the goodness of marijuana without the psychoactive effects and high. It has also got plenty of benefits for the body and mind, further unlocking its potential in medicine and healthcare.

The biggest money maker here is CBD oil; the demand for the product is growing daily. People find it easy to use, and given its pure, concentrated form, it is also the preferred way to maximise the advantages of CBD. Long shelf durability makes CBD oil a safe investment for any type of business.

Popular brands of isolate & full-spectrum oils

At Bloom, we have several brands like Midnight, SEYA, Raksa, and Alchemi. We can help you position your business in the same way by offering the following:

  • Lab testing and quality control checks for compliance and product quality
  • Organic and vegan alternatives
  • B2B CBD deals tailored to your business requirements
  • Holiday bundles



Discovering The New Player In Town – Local Boys

Local Boys are quickly gaining a reputation for high-quality cannabis products. Ranging from a variety of different products such as Chewables (Gummies), Bakes (Edibles) & its own line of THC Flowers. As of now, Local Boys are producing 4 lines of product, as follows:

  • Sativa Gummy
  • Indica Gummy
  • Edible Cookies in 3 flavors: Chocolate Chip (Sativa), Cinnamon Sugar (Indica) & Lemon Sugar (Hybrid)
  • THC Flowers
  • Cool T-Shirts

If you thought you have seen cool packaging before, wait till you see theirs.

฿449.00 ฿399.00

Broaden Your Shelf With CBD Edibles & Skincare

There are plenty of other cannabis products apart from CBD oil that have caught the attention of the local community and tourists alike. CBD has many of it’s most beneficial stregnths such as immune and mood booster when taken regularly.

CBD products like edibles and tea is therefore a great way for you to build a long lasting relations with your customers. Bloom has partned up with some of the most exclusive CBD brands in Thailand and we offer:

  • CBD cosmetics like skin cream, soap, and lotion
  • Novelty products like CBD honey and popcorn
  • CBD tea & craft sodas 
  • CBD gummies and candies

Needless to say, all products comes in great packaging.

From: ฿399.00


Consistant Flower is Key

Weed is another high-demand, high-margin product. If anything, it is an ideal item to sell anywhere. 78% of Thai people are first time buyers of cannabis products. The only concern to address is keeping up with the demand.

At Bloom, we work with several weed farms all over the country and are uniquely positioned to offer you weed in bulk and with consistancy in the supply. As a part of our wholesale cannabis marketplace, we will help you:

  • A steady supply of the same strains
  • Cool packaging under our own brands or unlabelled 
  • A bulk offering of weed flowers
  • Lab testing for chemovar analysis

Bloom Buds and Local Boys are two weed brands under the Bloom umbrella which has taken Thailand with storm. Benefit from the existing followerbase, brand awareness and promotions by choosing a brand by Bloom.



Bloom is not just about wholesale cannabis, but much more. We are here to help you transition into this new exciting business opportunity.

We believe in the power of synergy and work with like-minded professionals and weed enthusiasts. As we move forward, we will dive into:

  • Hosting workshops on building cannabis brands and businesses
  • Navigating the B2B and white-labelling aspects in the market
  • Working with cannabis industry experts from Thailand and all over the world
  • Creating a holistic community of Bloom resellers and partners

Being a billion-dollar market, we believe in doing things the right and fun way. So it will not be all business with us but also a lot of fun, excitement, and learning new things. That’s just how we do things at Bloom, and we believe it is one of the reasons we have gotten so far in the industry – in such a short time.


The cannabis market in Thailand is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2025. The growth opportunities within cannabis are huge. Working with us allows you to leverage our marketing channels. We can help sell your products on our B2C marketplace, or at our physical outlet partner stores to allow for a deep market reach.

Connect with us today to start selling. 


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