Chanabis – CBD Gummies

Delicious soft gummies that come in two flavours and strengths:

Blueberry Dream – Gummy cubes with a potent CBD formula to promote a restful sleep.

  • 25mg of high quality CBD isolate per gummy.
  • 20 pieces per pack with a total of 500mg CBD.
  • Dusted with a tangy limonene terpene powder blend to aid in relaxation.
  • 0% THC and totally guilt free.
  • Made in Thailand from local ingredients.

Mango & Lychee – Gummy Cubes with a light formula to way to find your daily balance.

  • 15mg of high quality CBD isolate per gummy.
  • 20 pieces per pack with a total of 300mg CBD.
  • Ideal for snacking anytime of the day.
  • 0% THC and totally guilt free.
  • Made in Thailand from local ingredients.

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Product Description:

Chanabis has grown a reputation for creating high quality CBD products, in fact it was one of Thailand’s first legal cannabis brands, with infusion teas, craft sodas, honey and spa products.

Chanabis CBD gummies are the perfect way to get your daily CBD intake; discrete, portable and delicious. Packaged in a stylish and reusable aluminum tin, these 20 gummies each contain 25mg of high quality CBD isolate. We guarantee this CBD isolate is one of highest quality in Thailand, with a 97% CBD purity and 0% THC.

Each ‘Blueberry Dream’ and ‘Mango & Lychee’ gummy is coated in a tangy sweet/sour finish and to retain freshness. Store on the shelf for up to two months or refrigerate to retain freshness for 6 months.

CBD is one of the healthiest and safest ways to get your daily balance. CBD fortifies your body’s own ability to create ‘homeostasis’ – which is the balance of your body. Through studies of cannabis scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS is the system in the body responsible to help you feel balanced and healthy. CBD is a great way to fortify your ECS, but you can also strengthen your ECS by having positive relationships, yoga, meditation and a healthy diet.

Chanabis CBD gummies can play a small but important role and making sure you stay on top.

Female users also mention that a dose of up to 50mg of CBD can help with menstrual cycle pains. It’s a healthy alternative to pharmaceuticals


  • Consume 1 to 2 gummies to help you relax. Take 1 hour before bed to help promote a restful sleep.
  • It will take approximately 1 hour for CBD to take effect. Eating on an empty stomach will increase potency.
  • Each ‘Mango & Lychee’ gummy contains 15mg CBD and each ‘Blueberry Dream’ gummy 25mg CBD and most people take dosages between 15mg and 50mg. Everyone is different and there is no universal recommended dosage. Best to start small and see how it affects you.
  • CBD is safe up to doses of 1500mg per day.
  • The effect of CBD is very subtle, you will not feel ‘high’ but you may feel calmer, less anxious and a sense of balance.
  • Take anytime of the day. It may help promote restfulness if taken before bed.
  • Chanabis CBD gummies may also be taken alongside medical THC products, which will create ‘the entourage effect’ and a balanced, uplifted feeling.


Gelatin, Sugar, Citric Acid, organic food colouring, natural blueberry flavor, Potassium sorbate (preservative), MCT Oil, CBD isolate,


  • Store in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.
  • Will last 1 – 2 months at room temperature.
  • Extend shelf-life 3 to 6 months with refrigeration


This product is intended for medicinal purposes and is for non-pregnant women ages 20+ and over.