Chanabis CBD Tea

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  • Chanabis uses exclusively the highest quality ingredients available. The Cannabis leaf comes from a strain called Raksa which is one of the best CBD strains in the world, sourced from Thailand’s largest cannabis producer Golden Triangle Group
  • The leaf is further infused with natural Thai FDA certified OG Kush Cannabis terpenes which enhances the effects and benefits of CBD
  • Each box contains 10 teabags with 10mg CBD per serve

Available in two flavors:

  • Blue Dream: A delicious and complex blend with a deep blue colour thanks to the addition of butterfly pea and licorice. Ideal for evening times to relax and wind down from a busy day
    • Effects: Calm & sleepy
  • Thong Lo Breakfast: Our signature morning tea blend for the busy Bangkok socialite to help you feel calm, focused, and confident. It contains uplifting, zesty ingredients like ginger and Jiaogulan
    • Effects: Uplifted & energized


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4 reviews for Chanabis CBD Tea

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    I felt incredibly relaxed, almost too relaxed.

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    Simply the best cannabis Tea out there

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    This was my first time trying CBD tea and I must say I like it. I will likely keep taking it, especially during periods of high stress or anxiety.

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    Realy good it made me feel so relaxed

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