Crescendo – Hybrid – Tingly & Uplifting

Sourced By the Local Boys

  • Contrasting yet pungent tastes of sweet and earthy notes.
  • This hybrid strain is a cross between Chemdog, I-95, and Mandarin Cookies.
  • The high from this cannabis strain will target your headband area, releasing pressure from your eyes and guiding you towards euphoria.
  • Incredibly uplifting and tension relieving

Dominant Terpene – Caryophyllene

From: ฿599.00

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This product is for medical use only and only as stated by Thai Cannabis law.

Crescendo Hybrid Uplifted Tingly Relaxed Strain Effects

Crescendo Hybrid Calming Uplifting effect High THC


Please use responsibly and safely:

  • Do not use in public, only in your private home without disturbing the public.
  • Do not use and then drive or operate heavy machinery, your license and be cancelled.
  • Do not allow access to individuals under the age of 20.
  • Do not mix cannabis and other substances such as tobacco or alcohol.