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Local Boys – ‘For Good Times’ – Lighter

Introducing the Local Boys Lighter

Your trusty sidekick for sparking up good times! 🔥 Whether you’re igniting a blazing adventure or simply lighting up your favorite greens, this little “FIRESTARTER” has your back.

-Cricket flint lighter.
-Child proof rifled spark wheel.


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With a personality as lively as a dance party, this lighter knows how to keep the vibes high. It’s not just a firestarter; it’s a certified member of the Local Boys crew, always up for a good time. So, when life gets a little dim, let our Local Boys Lighter add a spark of hilarity and light-heartedness to your world. It’s the buddy you never knew you needed, here to make every toke and toast a memorable one. Get ready to laugh, light, and live local!