About Bloom

We founded bloom with the mission to build a trustworthy cannabis online store with quality products, grow the local industry and build the profile of healthy cannabis usage in Thailand. 


Created by an experienced team of driven entrepreneurs with a passion for the medicinal benefits of cannabis. We aim to be Thailands ‘go to’ cannabis shop for expats and locals who suffer from sleepless nights, back pain & emotional discomfort.

We had these issues ourselves before we ventured onto Bloom. Back and body pain for sitting long hours in front of the computer; sleepless nights and stress due to tight deadlines; anxiety due to lack of alignment within ourselves.

Some of us self-medicate, others racked up bills at Bangkok Hospital. Unfortunately, all efforts were in vain and the rings under the eyes got darker and darker.

Owning a shop like Bloom has not only embodied our genuine interest in cannabis but has also given us the opportunity to use quality CBD products on a daily basis. This has resulted in a much healthier lifestyle than before with more energy and less worry about tomorrow.

This opportunity is something we want to share with You.

When shopping at Bloom we guarantee

The cannabis in our products all comes within the borders of Thailand, mainly from the mountains in the North. Turning old rice terraces into hemp fields has proven to be a successful recipe for both farmer and consumer.

By investing our heart and soul to know the journey from seed to bottle, we can guarantee the following:

  • Quality tested & working products – We have tested all the products we have on sale, ranging from CBD oil to ice cream.
  • 100% legal – Cannabis isn’t any longer a product shrouded in a legal mystery, as long as you buy it from us. Shipping, usage & consumption of Bloom’s CBD products are fully compliant with all Thai laws.
  • You wont get high The levels of THC (the ingredient in cannabis which makes you high) is between 0% to 0.2% which is not enough to make you high.
  • Education – Cannabis & CBD is a new topic within wellness and our experts will give you recommendations and tips on how to use the products.
  • The latest with the newest – Whether you want to try scented candles or CBD popcorns you can be assured to find the latest cannabis products at Bloom.

If you have any questions or feedback on our products you are very welcome to contact us.

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