Effect – Calm

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CBD & Relaxation

CBD's calming properties can help promote relaxation and better sleep leading to faster muscle repair, while anti-inflammatory properties can help alleviate muscle tension and promote faster recovery from physical exertion or workouts. 

CBD & Calmness

CBD promotes calmness by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in our body, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. This state of calmness can then facilitate better sleep and improved rest.

Local Boys : Chewables Gummies (Indica)

Lay back and chill with our homemade cannabis gummies (relax indica formula). Enjoy 2 fruity flavours, Grape and Blueberry.

flavor Grape and Blueberry
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SEYA : Relax 1000 mg. CBD Oil

Seya Relax, CBD oil designed for relaxation. Infused with the soothing properties of Myrcene and Pinene terpenes, this formula delivers a calming and uplifting experience.

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1.6 CBD mg per drop

Chanabis : CBD Gummies - Mango & Lychee

Delicious Homemade CBD gummies with 15 mg of CBD, Mango & Lychee flavor to promotes feeling of calmness.

lychee + mango flavor
15 mg cbd
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