Local Boys ‘High-Roller’ Gift Set

The ultimate gift set for the cannabis ‘high-roller’

Four high quality Local Boy’s cannabis products including;

Delicious Chewables gummies, grape and blueberry flavour, using indica cannabis, perfect for evenings.

A single 0.8g premium local flower pre-roll

Stylish tin case with three ‘Day Blend’ sativa dominant pre-rolls. These uplifting pre-rolls are strong enough to feel great without knocking you out.

Three grams of curated local flower in sturdy tea coloured glass jar

high quality and limited amounts.

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Local Boys were formed in June 2022. Their aim is to provide Thailand with high quality local cannabis flower and create great products. While some of the industry focuses on illegal imports, Local Boys have always focused on supporting Thailand.

From curated local pre-rolls, artistically centered packaging design, stylish merch and delicious THC snacks, Local Boys have set a high standard in Thailand’s cannabis scene.

The Local Boys’ High-Roller Gift Set contains four of the brand’s best selling products; Chewable gummies, Premium Pre-roll, 3 grams of high quality local flower and a 3 pack of Day Blend pre-rolls.

The Local Boys Chewables use indica cannabis, which has a relaxing effect on the body, perfect for sitting at home or beside the pool. The gummies are locally made and come in a mix of grape and blueberry flavours. Each piece contains approximately 2 mg of THC, and is well under the Thai legal limit of 0.2% per item.

The Local Boys Premium Pre-roll is hand packed pure Thai cannabis flower. Inside this reusable glass case is pure fire. You can be assured this high-quality pre-roll will hit you in the right way.

The Local Boys Day Blend Pre-rolls have a mix of premium Sativa cannabis flower, trim leaf and a dash of kief. They smell great, smoke well and will not be overpoweringly strong. The stylish tin holds three pre-rolls, and it’s great for sharing to start the night

Finally, the sturdy, reusable jar contains three grams of local flower, curated by the Local Boys. Strains will vary depending on availability, but be assured it will be quality.

Local Boys ‘High-Roller’ Gift Set contains

  • Chewables (Relax – Indica)
  • Premium Pre-roll
  • Pre-roll 3 pack (Day blend)
  • Local flower (3 grams)

Chewables Ingredients

Ingredients: Gelatin. Sugar, Citric Acid, natural flavour organic food colouring, Potassium sorbate (natural preservative), cannabis

Chewables ‘Relaxing Formula’ Directions

Each gummy contains approximately 2 mg of indica cannabis.
Take 2 – 3 to relieve symptoms. Taking 5 or more gummies will create a very strong effect.
Wait 2 hours before eating more. Eating on an empty stomach will make them more potent. The ideal time to take these is whenever you want to relax, however cannabis can affect people differently, they may or may not make you sleep… And don’t take it before an important job interview.
These gummies contain THC and are intended for medical use, for adults aged 20+. Not for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Never take THC products and drive. Local boys promotes the safe and legal usage of cannabis. Never give these snacks to children!

Chewables will keep 1 month at room temperature. However, it is recommended to store in the fridge to prolong product lifespan. Freeze to store for up to 6 months. Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

Pre-rolls ‘Day Blend’

Local Boys’ Day Blend’ Pre-rolls contain a 50/50 mix of premium local sativa dominant cannabis flower, Charlotte’s Angel CBD trim leaf, plus a sprinkle of premium kief. Packed by hand in hemp paper pre-rolls.
No tobacco or artificial additives.

Sweet and gassy

These pre-rolls will keep well in the tin package, however, it’s recommended to store them in an air-tight container in a dry, cool place, out of direct sunlight.

A great afternoon, early evening smoke. Good mix of taste and effect.
They may help you feel talkative, happy and energetic but also balanced enough not to knock you out.

Three Grams of Local Flower

The sturdy, reusable jar contains three grams of high quality Thai flower, curated by the Local Boys.

Generally we provide a nice balancing strain, with a higher CBD content to even-out the stronger pre-rolls and gummies. But don’t sleep on this strain, it packs a punch, with a terpene profile that’s full-bodied and fresh.


This product is intended for medicinal purposes and is for non-pregnant women ages 20+ and over.
Never take THC products and drive. Local boys promotes the safe and legal usage of cannabis



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