Thai Stck x Action Jay Jackson – ‘Stck Stick’ bundle

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Stay looking fresh this 4:20 with an OG Kush inhaler, custom pearl white/silver drumsticks and Thai Stck ‘Alcohol Kills’ t-shirt.

  • Signature drum sticks by Jay Jackson (producer working DaBoyWay, ATOM, THAITANIUM, Matcha and Patcha.)
  • Thai Stck inhaler, OG Kush freshness
  • High quality cotton Thai Stck ‘Alcohol Kills’ T-shirt, made by AMPBKK
  • Coincides with Jay Jackson’s single release ‘Do Ya Thang’


About the artist

Action Jay Jackson and this song are a culmination of Family, God and Music.

One side Music and Entertainment. The Other side Spirituality and Optimism. Both sides filled with Love, Light and the will to Serve Lives and Music!

“FROM BIRTH… I have been raised for this moment. To Bring Joy, Love and My Brand of Entertainment to the World! Welcome to the Beginning!”

-Action Jay Jackson

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