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SUK JAI Our brand stands for the harmonious philosophy of “Nourish Your Body, Nurture Your Mind,” embracing the holistic well-being of both your physical and mental self.

Sukjai, our remarkable CBD balm, competes in the esteemed DEmark Design Awards. Read the article to find out more.

FDA NO : 74-1-6600018277
Size: 10 g.
CBD: 100mg

Suk Jai Thai CBD Extract Massage Balm
Harnessing the power of a carefully curated blend of indigenous Thai ingredients, our product combines nature’s gifts to effectively alleviate body pain, encompassing muscle and joint discomfort, through its anti-inflammatory properties, pain signal inhibition, and skin moisturization. Backed by research, CBD extract, a key component, has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in mitigating pain related to diverse conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Sukjai CBD Massage Balm Benefits Infographic