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Interview with Ibby, founder of Ganjita & Co.

The face behind the brand

We have taken the opportunity to interview the colourful lady Ibby who founded Ganjita & Co. in September 2021 with the promise of bringing more fun & sunshine into the smoking community.

What inspired you to start Ganjita & Co.?

There was nothing in the market that catered to what I wanted. I am in that group of casual smokers that don’t smoke all the time and can’t roll either. But sometimes I just want to smoke some cannabis whether it’s to chill, relax or reduce pain (e.g. menstrual pain).

All of the products in the market, especially here in Thailand are very male-focused and target those who are hardcore smokers. It can sometimes be intimidating for the casual female smoker like me to buy rolling papers or a grinder. So we had to create our own brand.

What obstacles have you faced as a new cannabis startup in Thailand?

So far, we haven’t faced any obstacles as we only launched just over a month ago in September 2021.

We are a brand that doesn’t primarily focus on cannabis itself because we have positioned ourselves as a design-focused accessories brand. All of our products have a primary function that relates to smoking but they also have alternative uses for non-smokers.

Ibby laughing
As a design-focused brand, Ganjita & Co. tries to captivate people whose primary interest is outside of 420.

Cannabis is new here and Thai people are still learning all about it. Where do you see Thailand’s cannabis industry in 5 years?

I predict that there will be a few large local companies dominating the market, both in terms of medical and recreational use. I hope that cannabis will be fully legalised by that point and that the general population is taught about the true benefits and potential of the plant.

Biodegradable grinder from Ganjita
All products are made from an eco-friendly perspective. Their grinder is biodegradable and their rolling papers are made out of unbleached hemp.

If someone gave you 300,000 baht for the ultimate cannabis vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

Uruguay because primarily, it was the first country to completely legalise cannabis so it would be interesting to see how this has impacted society and people’s attitudes towards smoking cannabis.

Also, South America is a part of the world that I have always wanted to visit and as of yet, have not had the chance of visiting.

Ganjita & Co. is a brand leaving a mark on Thailand’s growing cannabis industry. Check out their range of colourful eco-friendly accessories and deals for new users.