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Midnight - CBD Oil In Tube - Sleep Supplement

Embrace restful nights with MIDNIGHT CBD OIL. This easy-to-use, hemp-infused oil is your answer to sleep problems. Crafted with high-quality CBD, it's designed for anyone seeking a peaceful sleep. Simple, natural, and effective, MIDNIGHT CBD OIL is your key to unlocking a night of serene, undisturbed sleep.

Featured Ingredients

MIDNIGHT CBD OIL is a harmonious blend of nature's finest ingredients. The star, CBD, is renowned for its calming properties, promoting relaxation and aiding in sleep. Complementing CBD, MCT Oil serves as a rapid energy source, enhancing absorption. GABA, a neurotransmitter, plays a pivotal role in reducing stress and enhancing mental clarity. L-Theanine, often found in tea, contributes to relaxation without drowsiness. Together, these ingredients create a powerful synergy, targeting sleep problems effectively and naturally. Experience the essence of hemp in every drop, bringing you closer to a night of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.
  • FDA Approved
  • 100% Legal
  • 30-60 min to Feel Effects
  • Locally Made

Optimizing Your Experience with MIDNIGHT CBD OIL

MIDNIGHT CBD OIL, more than just a sleep aid, offers a versatile solution for enhancing well-being. Ideal for those facing sleep problems, it also addresses stress and promotes overall balance. To maximize benefits, use it as part of your nightly routine, applying the full satchel under the tongue 30 minutes before bedtime. Consistency is key for sustained results. Pairing it with relaxation techniques, like meditation or a warm bath, can amplify its effects. Always store it in a cool, dry place to maintain its potency. Whether seeking better sleep or a calmer mind, MIDNIGHT CBD OIL is a natural, effective choice.
  • Natural Ingredients
  • MCT Oil - 1495mg
  • GABA - 75mg
  • L-theanine - 75mg
  • Cannabidiol Extract - 25mg
  • 1 sachet (CBD 25 mg): For beginners
  • 2 sachets (CBD 50 mg): Ideal for those who have been struggling with sleep

About This Product


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  • Not intended for use by individuals under 18.
  • Consult a healthcare professional before use if pregnant, nursing, or on medications.
  • Discontinue if any adverse reactions occur.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use if seal is broken or missing.

Sleep Benefits:

  • Numerous studies suggest that CBD may have a positive impact on sleep by reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Pain Relief:

  • CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which may contribute to pain relief.
Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a naturally occurring amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter in your brain.  
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: GABA acts as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, contributing to the reduction of stress and anxiety.
  • Promotion of Relaxation: GABA inhibits certain signals in the brain, leading to a calming effect and improved mood.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: GABA's calming effect may contribute to better sleep by reducing neural activity and alleviating symptoms of insomnia.
Acts on the central nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety by influencing brain pathways and receptors. Additionally, it can cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Improves sleep efficiency and percentage, reducing waking minutes after sleep onset (WASO).
  • Enhances the brain's focus and memory functions.
  • Improves the body's immune system function.
  • Quick Energy Source: MCTs are rapidly absorbed and can provide a quick source of energy. Beneficial during waking hours.
  • Ketone Production: MCTs can be converted into ketones, which are an alternative energy source for the brain.
  • Overall Health Support: A well-functioning brain is crucial for maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

SLEEPY • TIRED • FATIGUED The innovative way to boost your brainpower.

Green apple & kiwi-flavored jelly strip is a game-changer for professionals, students, and athletes seeking enhanced focus and mental agility. Perfect for on-the-go consumption, it's your pocket-sized secret weapon against stress and mental fatigue. With its unique combination of CBD, phosphatidylserine, green tea extract, and essential vitamins, SEYA offers a delicious, convenient way to stay sharp and energized throughout the day.
  • FDA Approved
  • 100% Legal
  • 30 minutes to feel effects
  • Locally Made

Key Ingredients

SEYA Power Think Jelly Strip has an exclusive formula which contains CBD to pull stress from the body and find a balance in the mind.
  • Phosphatidylserine is needed for improving memory and other cognitive functions
  • Green tea extract for balanced energy and attention.
  • Added vitamin C and B12 support general health as well as immune functioning.
It's a power-packed natural blend with clinically supported ingredients poised to optimize your mental performance and energy, serving as an ideal choice for demanding cognitive tasks.

Optimizing Your Day With SEYA POWER THINK

Designed for city professionals, students, and athletes, SEYA Power Think Jelly Strip is meant to help you be in sound mental shape every day. It is suitable for tough working projects and intense study sessions, or while engaging in physical activities. SEYA is shaped into a single strip, handy and mobile, to be brought along with you, so you will always be ready for that quick mental boost anytime you need it. Consume one to help you be rid of stress, improve your level of concentration, and keep your energy up throughout the day.

Natural Ingredients

  • Phosphatidyl Serine  - 285 mg - Nourish brain, boost focus, memory, and ease stress.
  • Green Tea Extract - 200 mg - Antioxidants, stress reduction, fat burning, cholesterol lowering.
  • Vitamin C - 60mg - Boost immune system, antioxidants, nourish skin, anti-aging.
  • Cannabidiol Extract - 5 mg - Reduce anxiety, relax, anti-inflammatory, pain relief.
  • Ferrous Fumarate - 25mg - Nourish blood, oxygenate cells throughout the body.
  • Vitamin B12 - 0.002 mg - Nourish nerves, brain, create red blood cells, reduce fatigue.


  • Take one strip after breakfast for enhanced performance throughout your workday.
  • Take an additional strip for a boost of focus and to promote calmness during the day.

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