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SEYA Rest CBD Isolate Oil – 2,000 mg, 30ml, for Sleep


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SEYA Rest CBD Isolate Oil – 2,000 mg, 30ml, for Sleep

SEYA’s Rest cannabidiol oil is a natural, herbal remedy for a night of healthy sleep. Designed expressly to help you tackle your sleep-related problems - whether it is due to work, anxiety, stress, or pain - and guide you to the sweet slumber you enjoyed as a baby.

CBD : 2,000 mg CBD concentration

Usage : Can be used topically and orally

Featured Ingredients

CBD Isolate 99% Purity(Cannabidiol), C8 MCT carrier oil, and Linalool terpenes/flavonoids.

Seya’s 2,000 mg Rest cannabidiol oil with Linalool terpenes have plenty of well-established benefits like:

  • Helps promote healthy sleep
  • Extends deep sleep cycle
  • Relieves the symptoms of common sleep disorders
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Tackles and alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression, while improving mental health
  • 0% THC
  • 99% Purity
  • 15-30 min to Feel Effects
  • Recommended Dose: 10-20mg

At Higher Doses, the Benefits of CBD Oil Include:

  • Reduce chronic pain and improve the symptoms of joint and back pain issues
  • Support physical therapy by easing inflammation and muscle soreness and improving mobility
  • Serve as a viable alternative to over-the-counter medications
  • 100% Organic
  • Non-Addictive
  • Locally Sourced
  • Locally Made

About This Product


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Every 1 ml of SEYA Rest CBD oil contains 66mg of cannabidiol.

Place a few drops of the oil under your tongue, hold for 30 seconds and swallow. There is no standard way of taking CBD; it varies from person to person. 


There is no standard rule for how often you need to take CBD oil. The recommended dose for sleep varies from 20 mg to 80 mg. It also depends on the person’s weight; a standard rule of thumb is 6 – 12 mg of CBD for every 10 kilograms. The dosage also depends on factors like sex, gender, and underlying health conditions.

If you are new to CBD or have never tried it, we recommend starting with a low-concentration tincture, like SEYA Relax. It is the preferred way – to start slow, start small, and then build your routine from there, depending on how you feel. If the smaller dose is not working for you, you may increase it until you see the desired effects.

While you may see some effects shortly after taking the oil, more tangible, lasting benefits take a few weeks to build. Like taking any other daily supplement or exercising – the changes will not happen overnight.

You can also use SEYA Rest topically as a massage oil for pain relief. In this case, you may have to up the dosage to as high as 250 mg or more since topical absorption is not as ‘complete’ as when taken orally. Or you can try SEYA Relief which is our strongest CBD oil.

Start with a low does of 10-20mg per day. After 5 days, if there are no results, then we recommend increasing your dose slowly. every two to three days and only 10mg at a time. If your condition is somewhat serious then it is reasonable to start with higher doses.

For individuals who have light to moderate symptoms, a dose of 10-20 mg. of CBD per day can be enough to feel the desired effects and result. If you have a more serious condition then it is reasonable to start with higher doses.

CBD can be applied topically. Rub SEYA onto your skin to relieve muscle pains and reduce inflammation.

While SEYA Rest can be taken for many use cases it is more tailored for treating sleep issues based on dosage recommendations and terpenes formula.

CBD can have side effects like fatigue, diarrhea and change in weight/appetite. However, those are rare and usually only occur with very high dosages. If you are on other medications, it is advised that you talk to your doctor before taking CBD. This is because cannabidiol can interfere with other medicines and impact the final concentration which reaches your bloodstream, leading to unwanted side effects.

Not at all! All SEYA products are free of THC; we believe that you can experience the good side of cannabis without the crazy head rush or high feelings. You will not get intoxicated with the Rest CBD isolate oil.

CBD is not addictive. The World Health Organisation has stated that CBD has zero propensity for addiction and is well-tolerated.

Free delivery in Bangkok for orders ฿1,500+
All Locally Sourced
24/7 Customer Service Support

Free delivery in Bangkok for orders ฿1,500+
All Locally Sourced
24/7 Customer Service Support