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COQUINE – CBD Intimate Massage Oil


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Meet your new bedside BFF, a unique, specially formulated topical oil using a proprietary blend of CBD and complementary active ingredients with aphrodisiacs to enhance pleasure.

Made with all lovers in mind
Our products are ultra-inclusive and suitable for every body. No matter your preferences and what you like to do in the bedroom (or outside!) – our intimacy oil has been created with intention and care to take you to a world of sensual bliss. You can use it for the ultimate sensual experience either solo or with a partner, to amplify and promote intimate health, and as part of your self-care routine.

100% Legal

Organic Active Ingredients

No Parabens, Silicone & GMO

Lab Tested. FDA Approved

COQUINE - CBD Intimate Massage Oil



Awaken your senses and transform your self-care ritual with premium cannabis oil blends made with clean, vegan ingredients and enticing aromas — Coquine CBD Intimacy Oil.

No more pain. No more stress. Give yourself the experience you deserve with this sensation-intensifying, pleasure-boosting oil that makes it possible to relax your most intimate areas, allowing you to have more enjoyable and longer-lasting encounters alone or with a partner.

Benefits of our ‘Coquine’ CBD-infused Intimacy oil: 

  • Boosts your body’s lubrication.
  • Promotes circulation and helps ease any pain or discomfort.
  • Helps you unwind and enjoy intimacy as it was meant to be enjoyed.
  • Creates warming and cooling sensations.
  • Can help you reach climax faster and more effectively

Key Ingredients

Featuring a blend of plant-derived oils with aphrodisiac, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, our intimate oil is enriched with CBD to bring pleasure and comfort to your most sensual solo or shared moments.

300mg Broad-spectrum CBD

Vasodilator, allows greater sensations of arousal.

Organic MCT Coconut Oil

Allows a smooth and effortless glide on your skin

Hemp Oil

Circulation boosting, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin

Aphrodisiac plant extracts

Well-known extract for their aphrodisiac properties

*Contains no parabens, glycerin, alcohol, glycol, petrochemicals, silicone, fragrance or artificial coloring, vegan and gluten-free as well as GMO-free.


No two bodies are the same, and our Coquine CBD Intimacy oil reflects that. We’ve designed it to be multi-purpose so you can use it in a variety of ways to cater to your unique needs and desires. The versatile oil can be used as a massage oil and as a natural intimate

moisturizer for when you need that extra glide. It will help you explore your body and sensual energy with the power of Mother Nature.

As an intimate massage oil

The exhilarating cannabis oil blend heightens sensitivity for ultra-blissful sensations while simultaneously decreasing discomfort and dryness. A true all-rounder, it cares for the most sensitive skins, enhances pleasure, and gives a velvety sensual feel. Oh, and we made sure it tastes and smells great too…

Don’t hesitate to play and experiment with this non-sticky and edible oil: touch it, feel it, taste it, and drop it wherever you like...

As a lubricant

To be used without moderation, with a partner, solo, with toys…

Oily lubricants are not compatible with latex condoms. Prefer condoms called “second skin” in polyisoprene or polyethylene.

Does not present any risk if swallowed.

Read more explicit instruction here


This is not a medical product!

Before using the product, please take a quick look at the ingredients to make sure there aren't any potential allergens that might cause any issues for you.

Just a friendly reminder: keep in mind that this product isn't designed to prevent pregnancy or protect against STIs. So be sure to take the necessary precautions and stay safe!

FDA Certificate

COQUINE - CBD Intimate Massage Oil


Our oil has been specifically designed with ultra-sensitive people in mind. Regardless of skin sensitivity, gender, or intended body area, we aim to make our oil accessible and beneficial for everyone. To assure our customers of the product’s safety, we have thoroughly tested it on individuals with hyper-sensitive skin and allergy-prone skin and so far, no problems at all! 

Our oil is made from a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. Whether you ingest it or apply it topically, rest assured that it’s completely safe and you won’t feel any kind of “high”… except being high on pleasure! Of course, everyone’s experience with CBD can be a bit different, so if you’re taking any other medications, make sure to check in with your healthcare provider before giving it a try

Can I use the oil with a sextoy? Certainly! To ensure compatibility with our oil, we advise using non-latex sex toys. Safe options include silicone, glass, elastomer, and stainless steel. These materials are resistant to degradation from oils.

Our products are oil-based, so it’s important to use oil-safe barriers to prevent pregnancy. We suggest using polyurethane condoms, as all oils can damage latex and poly-isoprene condoms. Keep in mind that while lambskin condoms are oil-safe and prevent pregnancy, they do not provide protection against STIs. Many major condom brands offer oil-safe polyurethane options. Just make sure to choose “polyurethane” and not “poly-isoprene.”

Yes! Absolutely! The oil is 100% safe to be used on any part of the body. It will help relax any tight muscle around sensitive area. Use it as a lubricant or a massage oil, up to you.

It is not advisable to ingest /drink the oil as it is not meant for oral consumption. However it is 100% safe for oral sex.

For more FAQ answered, please visit here