Raksa Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Complete with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, Raksa Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a high-quality distillate made with premium MCT oil as the carrier.

This product boasts GTG’s patented and exclusive Raksa strain that contains legal cannabis leaf from Golden Triangle Group’s Chiang Rai farm.

  • High-quality cannabis distillate with 5% concentration of CBD (500mg per 10ml)
  • Full spectrum distillate including CBD, CBN, CBG and low levels of THC
  • Professionally extracted to retain a bold, delicious cannabis flavors and natural terpenes
  • Medical grade and toxin-free

This product is for:
For everyone who would like to experience Full Spectrum Cannabis with all its components (THC, CBD, CBN etc). Great for winding down at home after a stressful day and prolonging sleep cycles.


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Product Description Raksa CBD Oil

One of the best CBD products on the market, Raksa Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the first on the market of such high quality. Raksa is fully licensed and tested to assure the quality of the product every time, making it qualified to treat various health issues.

High Quality – Professionally extracted to retain bold, delicious cannabis flavors and natural terpenes.

Full Spectrum – Raksa Full Spectrum oil contains a full cannabinoid profile, including CBD, CBN, CBG and very low levels of THC. (The product will not make you high)

Top Quality Cannabis – This oil is made from an award-winning strain grown locally. A high yield CBD strain bred from the famous Cannatonic strains (winner of the illustrious Cannabis Cup 9 times) and mixed with Thai varieties.

Medical Grade – Raksa follows the highest production standards and is tested to assure consistent quality of product

Full-spectrum CBD has been studied for years for various ailments and continues to be studied. Currently, full-spectrum CBD oil has been researched and proven to help with:

  • Pain and inflammation
  • Brain health
  • Inflammation due to serious illnesses
  • Epilepsy
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Neuroprotection
  • Alzheimers

Along with a range of other issues and illnesses.